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How to Fly Fish Tandem Streamer Rigs

Although it might seem like it is more trouble than it's worth, fishing two flies in tandem can have a tremendous upside. Most fly fisherman have heard of fishing dry and dopper rigs (dry and nymph fly combos) but dual streamer combos can be just as productive.

Go for Crawfish Flies for Bass and Trout

Minnows may be the staple food for bass, and insects are clearly the bread and butter diet for trout. But if you show either of these popular gamefish a crayfish, they'll gobble it up in a flash. There seems to be something about the taste appeal of these crustaceans that bass, trout and also walleyes, pike and panfish, find irresistible.

14 Quick Tips for Float Tube Fly Fishing

Every now and again, the urge to fly fish from my float tube takes hold. Fishing from a float tube is not only a pleasant summer diversion but also the only way to fish a backwoods lake where boat access is difficult or limited.

3 Tips for Managing Fly Line in Rough Waters

Handling rough water can be a challenge for even the experienced fly anglers. Water speed and currents can be very difficult to judge and even more difficult to manage with a floating line. Trout can be very selective feeders in rough water conditions, so getting a drag free drift on your presentation is a must. Understanding how casting distance, line color and high sticking can effect you presentation will definitely translate into more hook ups for you.

1. Don't Cast Farther Than You Need To 

3 Tips for Fly Fishing Yellowstone's Lamar River

The Lamar River is one of the most popular rivers in Yellowstone National Park not only for it tremendous wildlife viewing opportunities but because it boasts some of the best Cutthroat trout fishing the park has to offer. This special river is a tributary to the Yellowstone River, is about 40 miles long and can only being found in the park. Rising in the Absaroka Range in the eastern edge of the park, the Lamar is feed by the Soda Butte and Slough Creeks.

How to Fish the Damsel Dry Fly During Summer Months

Damsel flies, for those of us that are not super knowledgeable about terrestrial insects, are smaller delicate versions of the dragon flies we see around lakes and rivers. Damsels hatch during the warm summer months (June, July and August) and hang around bodies of water feeding voraciously on other small insects.

When Damsels Work