White Bass

News & Tips: 6 Tips to Get in the Weeds for Good Fishing (video)...

Tips for Catching White Bass

March 22, 2015
When water temperatures reach the low 50s, whites start moving upstream, out of the lakes and reservoirs, until they reach a dam or other obstacle that blocks their travel. Here the white bass stack…
News & Tips: Fishing White Bass During the Spring Run, When & How These Fish Spawn...

Fishing White Bass During the Spring Run, When & How These Fish Spawn

March 22, 2014
In this article learn more about catching white bass from expert anglers with these fishing tips: Timing of the White Bass Run Best Water Temperature Begins White Bass Spawn Water Current Where…
News & Tips: Targeting Wintertime White Bass

Targeting Wintertime White Bass

January 15, 2014
In spring, white bass seek tributaries of major reservoirs for spawning runs. It is during these spawning runs, when thousands of whites are concentrated in small streams, that most white bass are…
News & Tips: White Bass Spring Spawn Fishing Tip

White Bass Spring Spawn Fishing Tip

March 15, 2013
White bass are one of our most popular gamefish and the most exciting time to fish for them is during their annual spring spawning run up streams and rivers across America. When water temperatures…
News & Tips: White Bass - Fishing Tip

White Bass - Fishing Tip

January 11, 2013
White bass, unlike their striped, large- and smallmouth cousins, don’t just hit anything they can fit into their mouths. When the fight is over and the fish is caught, every bit of effort put into…