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6 Easy Tips for Shed Hunting Success (video)

January 23, 2018
In most areas of the country, hunting season has officially come to a close. Many hunters have resigned themselves to a few months of laying on the couch or tinkering in the garage—dreaming of that…
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Bow Hunting: At the End of the Blood Trail (video)

October 31, 2017 has three deer down! First an update on food plots and habitat at The Proving Grounds after the recent drought. Then it's time for deer hunting! Daniel bow hunts where deer are pouring…
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Bow Hunting Whitetails: Back to Back Two Does Down (video)

October 26, 2017
A great start to deer hunting 2017 from with these bow hunts. In this video, two hunts with back to back double does down on The Proving Grounds. On his deer hunt, Grant sees his…
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Bow Hunting: Opening Weekend is Finally Here (video)

October 2, 2017
Deer hunting with Missouri's deer season opens and the team gets busy bow hunting on The Proving Grounds.  Grant hunts a tree that is dropping acorns. Raleigh is bow hunting over a…
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10 Tips to Quickly Age Bucks Plus Food Plot and Habitat Help (video)

September 11, 2017
Deer hunters, Dr. Woods of shares 10 tips to quickly age bucks "on the hoof" in hunting situations or when studying trail camera images. See a great new technique to improve food plots…
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Deer Hunting: Scouting Bucks and Grunt Calling (video)

August 31, 2017
Deer hunters, It's time to scout! The Team is scouting bucks in the food plots; Including our #1 hit list buck, Southpaw! Then the maker of the Messenger Grunt Call shares tips for…
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Deer Hunters - How Big Is That Buck? (video)

August 23, 2017
Deer hunters, using video of bucks in real hunting situations an expert from Boone & Crockett shares his tips on how to estimate a score of a deer's antlers. Field judging a white-tailed buck is…
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Deer Hunter's Guide to Aging Bucks Before the Shot (video)

August 11, 2017
From Hunters frequently ask:  "How old is this deer?" This video shows how to age a deer on the hoof, before the shot.  Sharing real life examples with photos and video of known bucks…
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Improve Native Browse for Whitetails | Bow Hunting Prep | Hunting Strategies (video)

August 1, 2017
From You can have better Deer Hunting by improving native vegetation! No food plots? No problem! Here's an in-depth look at TSI targeting Sassafras and ideas on how to open up the…
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Deer Hunting & Habitat | Strategic Changes for Better Hunting (video)

July 19, 2017
From is creating a beautiful savanna for deer hunting with step by step "how to" on selecting timber for TSI.  (0:00:01 - 0:10:22) Then see the first steps of our strategy to tag…
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Food Plots: Predators, Protection, and Possibilities (video)

July 19, 2017
From Food plots are a strategic tool for deer hunting. In this video we're following up on food plot projects showing what's working (and not working). Check out Daniel's hunt for a…
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Valuable Habitat Lessons for Deer Hunters (video)

July 6, 2017
From :  a "how to" video for designing a new or expanding an old food plot in timber:  How to select trees; How to decide borders; How to mark timber; Which trees should be saved;…