Ruffed Grouse & Fine Gun Experts on Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World Radio

October 1, 2015
This week Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World radio host Rob Keck will highlight Ruffed Grouse expert Dan Dessecker, the Director of Conservation Policy at the Ruffed Grouse Society/American Woodcock…

Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World Radio Features Experts on Ruffed Grouse & Fine Guns

July 9, 2015
Joining the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World radio show this week will be Dan Dessecker, the Director of Conservation Policy at the Ruffed Grouse Society/American Woodcock Society and Bart Miller,…

5 Tips to Prepare Yourself for Upland Hunting Season

August 6, 2014
The flip of the calendar to August is a reminder that fall is near. If you're a upland hunter like me, now's the time to get ready for the season. Here are some tips: Get the body ready. In many…

Best Time for Ruffed Grouse Hunting is Now

January 18, 2014
When deer seasons are over or winding down, for most of us this means it's time to turn to upland birds and small game to finish out the hunting agenda for the year. And if you live roughly in the…

Preparing and Serving Grouse Recipes & Side Dishes

September 5, 2013
If you’ve had the good fortune of harvesting a few birds this grouse hunting season, you have the great opportunity to add some variety to your family’s dinner table. From slow cooked to roasted to…

Ten Hunting Tips for More Grouse

August 26, 2013
It was one of those perfect upland hunting moments. The ruffed grouse flushed from the wild grapes with Callie, my English springer spaniel, snapping at its tail feathers. As those panicked wing…

How to Avoid 16 Common Grouse Hunting Mistakes

December 31, 2012
The ruffed grouse is without question one of the most challenging upland gamebirds to hunt. But one way you can improve your luck with this handsome brown and russet speedster is to avoid making…

Using the Internet to Plan Grouse Hunts

September 28, 2012
An old adage about grouse hunting says, "Guns don't kill grouse. Boots kill grouse." There's little argument that the hunter that covers the most good grouse habitat will most likely put up the most…