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Fly Fishing Reel Buyer's Guide

June 11, 2020
Fly reels are an integral part of every fly-fishing outfit. Much like a lead singer won’t perform well without a good guitarist, a fly rod’s potential can’t be realized without a fly reel that works…
News & Tips: 4 Timeless Types of Fishing Reels

4 Timeless Types of Fishing Reels (video)

April 16, 2014
The technology behind fishing reels is always changing, with new drag settings and anti-backlash features, but the styles of reels are timeless. Any angler will probably have a favorite type of reel…
News & Tips: Choosing a New Fly Rod

Choosing a New Fly Rod

July 27, 2013
Every fly angler, at one point or another, finds him or herself in the market for yet another fly rod. The reasons might include an upgrade to better quality or simply finding a rod designed for a…