Deer Rut

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Perfect Combination For Deer Hunting: Cold Weather and Rut Action! (video)

December 2, 2014
Rae Woods shoots a big mature buck during Missouri gun season.  The rut action heats up as the weather cools down for the best deer hunting of the season! Grant has a hot stand location between…
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Deer Hunting in a Target Rich Environment! (video)

November 24, 2014
Dr. Grant Woods shoots a big mature doe during Kentucky bow season. From 12 year old Rae Woods shoots a doe! (begins 0:32 - 06:16) Then Grant and team head to Kentucky where Grant…
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Pinpointing the Best Doe Group to Hunt Near During the Rut

November 19, 2014
We’re told in countless articles and blogs to deer hunt near doe groups as the rut approaches. But the real key to success is to find the right doe group. You can tell when does are in estrous. They…
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Bow Hunting: Three Deer Down! Doe, Doe, BUCK! (video)

November 19, 2014
Raleigh shoots her target buck, her first with a bow. Three deer kills in this video during bow season.   Grant is first up (0:07), then Adam (start 7:29), and they both get venison for the freezer…
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Hunting The Rut: Prime Time for Deer Hunting! (video)

November 9, 2014 hunting strategy: hunt the rut from a vantage point where you can see into thick cover and let the receptive doe bring the mature buck to you. The heat is on with the 2014 whitetail…