Shoot Like a Girl - Empowering Women in Shooting Sports

Shoot Like A Girl Training

Women who have an interest in learning how to shoot a rifle, pistol or bow can do so in a safe, unintimidating environment while trying out a variety of equipment thanks to Shoot Like A Girl and their interactive trailer. Their mission: to grow the number of women who participate in shooting sports by empowering them with confidence.

With the help of their corporate sponsors and wonderful female role models like Kristy Titus and Cristy Crawford, Shoot Like A Girl travels all over the country to events such as hunting shows, conservation shows and shooting-sports tournaments where there tend to be a lot of female spectators, but not necessarily a lot of female participants. For those interested in learning archery, the trailer is stocked with popular brand-name bows in low-poundage draw weights and short draw lengths that are specifically tailored to women's smaller statures. This ensures they have the best possible experience when shooting for the first time. There is also an M4 .223 rifle, as well as 9mm and .40-cal. pistols for anyone who wants to try their hand at shooting a firearm. Outside the trailer, there are a variety of handgun models and types on display that women are encouraged to put their hands on. Being able to pick up and feel a variety of handguns in a relaxed atmosphere and being able to ask questions about them allows women to see what is most comfortable in their hands. These hands-on experiences are designed to make women more confident when they go to the store to make a handgun purchase or head to the shooting range for some practice time.