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In the age of modern ice fishing, set-line strategies tend to get overlooked. This is a mistake. Using extra lines (where legal) to soak a live or a dead minnow is one of the best ways to cover water and increase your catch. There's also the fact that in certain situations, like targeting big pike, tip-up tactics can outperform jigging. An excellent product for set-line strategies is the Frabill Pro-Thermal Tip-Up.

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The author likes the compact size of the Frabill Pro-Thermal Tip-Up, as well as the snug fit while over the ice hole.

Compact Convenience

One of the things I like the most about the Pro-Thermal Tip-Ups is its compact, circular, low-profile design. This makes it easy to stack several tip-ups in a 5-6 gallon pail. Space is a premium on the ice and being able to stow gear in a pail, which occasionally doubles as a seat, is a big perk.


Another strength of the Pro-Thermal circular shape is that it fits snugly over the ice hole. This has many advantages. It keeps out snow and slush, while the tip-up's insulation reduces freeze-up time, and on mild to moderate days it eliminates it completely. The hole-cover effect also blocks out sunlight. This is less of an issue in deep water, but a spotlight of sun shinning in the shallows can spook fish.

More Great Features

The Pro-Thermal features a built-in tackle compartment on the top of the tip-up that's great for storing necessities, like a clip-on depth finder or extra sinkers. Another valuable attribute is the tip-up's dual trip setting (light or heavy). Also, the large bait clip works well to hold oversized baits and prevents false trips. Frabill's antifreeze lubricant, Sub-Zero, keeps the spool spinning. The flag also performs well along as well as when teamed with a light, like the lightweight Lil' Shiner Tip-Up Light.

Field Tested

I have been using several versions of Frabill's Pro-Thermal Tip-Up for years. Every model has stood up to winter's hardships without issue. Pro-Thermals have also been the choice of many guides I've shared the ice with. If you're in the market for a new tip-up, you can bet on the Frabill Pro-Thermal Tip-Up for years of reliable, sub-zero service.