Ice Gear Wish List

News & Tips: Ice Gear Wish List

I'm happy to say that 95 percent of my holiday shopping is done. I must confess that when buying gifts for friends and loved ones, I often sneak in a few treats for myself, most of which are fishing related.

IceGearWishList blogWhether you're shopping for someone else or looking to add more gear to your collection, these ice fishing treats are sure to please.

  • Ice fishing sonar — prices vary, but getting a portable fishfinder is one of the best ways to increase success on the ice
  • Underwater camera — these devices work best in clear water and are phenomenal tools to learn about fish behavior, habitat, as well as how different jigging moves breathe life into artificial lures
  • Ice fishing suit — the latest outerwear products are warm, durable and ergonomically made, making them a wise investment
  • Other outerwear — mitts, gloves, hats and neck gaiters are always useful for ice anglers
  • Shelter — flip-over, cabin, pop-up; choices abound and there are deals to be found this time of year
  • Sled — a low-cost item for transporting gear on ice
  • Portable heater — great for keeping warm in an ice shelter
  • Augerhand models are affordable and great for early ice conditions; power augers rule for thick ice (a 4-stroke engine is worth it)
  • Replacement auger blades — swap-out original auger blades with a sharp new pair for faster cutting with less effort
  • Rod — in addition to standard ice rods, consider specialized swords like a deadstick or a spring bobber model; don't forget a new reel to complete the combo
  • Ice cleats — provide traction for safer walking on ice
  • Tip-up — many options exist, but it's tough to beat a thermal model that covers and insulates the ice hole
  • Lures — see my blog last week detailing why the Northland Buck-Shot, Lindy Darter and Rapala Jigging Shad Rap are three great options
  • Line — fresh string always fishes better; monofilament, fluorocarbon and ice-specific superlines all have their merits

Odds and ends — here are a few inexpensive gift ideas and treats that are sure to please: