Bow Hunting Deer: Cold Front Challenges & Creating a Bottleneck for Deer

Lady bow hunter in a tree in a treestand preparing for the hunt

Bow hunting! Bradley and Danny did a great job designing and executing a hunting plan for an 80 acre property. By creating a hidey hole food plot, they created a limited resource and made an incredible bottleneck that got deer within range and in the freezer. See how their plan came together in this new video!

The deer hunting strategies here could work if you are hunting public or private land.  It is open cattle pasture to the north except for several fingers that run to other blocks of timber. Based on past hunting observations, they knew a major travel corridor on their property was along the northern fence line as deer traveled to and from the hardwoods finger to the north.  There is an old logging road that runs along the northern edge of the property and then forks down into the interior of the property. Deer tend to travel this logging road often because it is the path of least resistance.

Based on how the deer moved through this area, Bradley and Danny decided to convert a portion of the old logging road into a hidey hole food. This would create an incredible bottleneck and destination for deer as they traveled through the area.

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Grant Woods