Deer Shed Antlers & EHD Disease

News & Tips: Deer Shed Antlers & EHD Disease

More dead bucks discovered and Dr. Woods shows how to learn stuff from the

It's the time of year to hunt for shed antlers but we're finding them the tough way here at the Proving Grounds.  Watch this episode for more on these big antlers and what they mean. Learn tips from Grant on how to determine from the skeletal remains if  bucks a buck (or other deer) died from EHD (epizootic hemorrhagic disease). If you're working on spring food plots -- we've included a short clip on how to correctly take a soil sample.  (note: Several clips contained in this video were taken with a GoPro Hero3 as the discoveries occurred. Ms. Tracy is now carrying a GoPro while she walks and hunts for the shedantlers!)

Grant Woods