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Great Big Guide to Punkin Stuffin Recipe

Great Big Guide to Punkin Stuffin Recipe

November 14, 2017
for Camping
You’ve heard of the tur-duc-ken? The Punkin’ Stuffin’ ups this outdoor holiday cooking tradition to an entirely new level! Why just go with four layers in a tur-duc-ken recipe when you can ...
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What Makes A Good Knife

What Makes A Good Camping Knife?

November 4, 2017
for Camping Information
The selection of a camping knives and tools is a personal choice. That’s why knives are such a hotly debated topic on social media and around the campfire. Everyone has their own favorites. So ...
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Canoe Camping

Ten Key Items to Pack for an Overnight Paddling Camping Trip

October 15, 2017
for Camping
Does paddling a canoe or kayak down a river or across a crystal clear lake to a remote campsite sound like a weekend made in heaven? Well, what’s stopping you? Camping out of your canoe or kayak ...
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