Turkey Gun Tip: Examine Pattern on Large Board

This is the 6th and final video in a series of patterning a turkey shotgun. Dr. Warren Strickland and Jim Martin examine the pattern board and the importance of using a large pattern board to define your maximum range when shooting a turkey.

  1. Point-of-Aim to Match Point-of-Impact
  2. Modify Your Gun as You Pattern
  3. Chokes & Loads for Patterning
  4. Modifications to Sights & Scopes
  5. Shooting the Ultimate Pattern

After shooting at 40 yards you want to look at your pattern. This works best if you turn the target around and examine it from the rear side. Then look for the most dense area of shot to define the center of your pattern.

Draw a 10 inch circle around the center of the pattern to see how many shots are in the circle at 40 yards. Look for the distribution of shot in your pattern to see how even the pattern is. Next, draw a 20 inch circle to see how many shots are in this circle and the distribution of shot in this circle. Take the time to count the number of pellets in each circle.

The evenness of the shot will help you understand where ever the turkey's head is in your pattern you have enough pellets to make the kill shot. Look to see if your point-of-aim equals the point-of-impact to know if you need sight adjusts.

All of this will help you determine the maximum range with your gun, load and choke combination. Simply count the number of pellets in the 10 inch circle to define your range. Move back from 40 yards, 50 yards and beyond, and shoot from these distances. You reach your maximum range when the number of pellets in 10 in circle drops below 100.