Turkey Gun Tip: Shooting the Ultimate Pattern

In the 5th video in a series of patterning a turkey shotgun Dr. Strickland and Jim Martin are ready to pull the trigger.

LINKS to 5 Turkey Gun Setup tips:

  1. Point-of-Aim to Match Point-of-Impact
  2. Modify Your Gun as You Pattern
  3. Chokes & Loads for Patterning
  4. Modifications to Sights & Scopes
  5. Examine the Pattern

When setting up your turkey shotgun you should first consider safety. Jim and Dr. Warren Strickland talk about ear and eye protection prior to shooting the gun and testing the patters.

They use the Heavy Shot 2 1/4 ounces of powder with a combination of 5,6 and 7 shot in a 3 1/2" shell to test the pattern of Jim's new Mossberg 935 gun.

It is important to note that setting up at 40 yards and using a large patter board is key. They also talk about the importance of a recoil pad when shooting big loads.

Warren shoots his gun with a custom load of Tungsten Super Shot to compare the pattern density. This 8 & 9 shot has 18 grams per cc versus 12 grams per cc in the shell Jim uses, which allows Warren to drop down a couple of sizes to get more shot in his load. Plus, Warren is able drop down to shooting a 3" shell.

After the shot they define Jim's gun patterns well, but needs to have the rear sight adjusted to insure his point-of-aim meets his point-of-impact.

They compare the pattern of Jim's gun out of the box and Warrens gun that has already be sighted. In the end you must shoot your gun to understand your pattern.