Federal Premium Black Cloud Ammo

Bad news for waterfowl. The Black Cloud storm warning just got upgraded to guaranteed devastation. Federal Black Cloud Steel Shotshells now come equipped with the FliteControl Flex™ wad for improved pattern density and consistency through both ported and standard chokes. The rear-deploying petals have reinforced gussets that deploy when fired through ported chokes, decreasing muzzle pressure. Side-mounted slits stimulate payload separation from the wad for lethal accuracy. Catalyst™ lead-free primer and clean-burning propellant decrease residue in your shotgun's barrel and action. Because of its temperature stability, the propellant ensures consistent velocities and required leads from a hot opening day through a frigid late season. FliteStopper™ steel pellets mix with standard steel pellets to deliver superior downrange patterning and knockdown power. Unlike standard round steel pellets, FliteStopper pellets have a sharp cut-on-contact surface that produces bird-slaying wound channels unlike anything you've seen before. 25 rounds per box.