Semi-permanent Food Plots Using an ATV to Sow the Seeds

In this series of videos J. Wayne Fears shows how he uses his ATV to maintain semi - permanent food with a base of Durana Clover, then over-seeded with Throw & Grow, along with turnips and radishes, to to add seasonal vegetation. Applying the seed he used a spreader, and continues to allow his disc to cut more groves in the soil. This will not hurt the Durana.

J. Wayne applies the seed using an Earth Way EV-N-SPRED spreader.

So, these mixtures combine ryegrass, grassicas, annual clover, plus the turnips and radishes, to provide a nice plot through fall and winter. In the spring when the annual plants die off you are left with a good stand of Durana clover.

J. Wayne manages his permanent Durana plot by following these simple steps on his ATV.

This process demonstrates how he manages his plot of Durana Clover, which is a perennial plant, as the primary species. This process will attract the deer and turkey you want. It is not like planting a typical food plot from scratch. There are several steps you must do, but if you do you will have a semi - permanent food plot that attracts game for years.