Semi - Permanent Food Plots using an ATV break the soil 2 of 5

In this second of five in a series of videos, J. Wayne Fears shows how he uses his ATV to maintain semi - permanent food with a base of Durana Clover, then over-seeded to add seasonal vegetation. In this segment J. Wayne explains how he manages the permanent Durana plot by mowing in the summer to keep down the annual weeds, grasses and over seeded plants from the previous years.

The next step is to use a light set of disc on your ATV to cut v-groves in the soil without destroying the Duran. Your ATV should have at least a 400 CC engine, and you should run the disc in 4-wheel drive or low range.  

The v-groves cut by the disc help aerate and break up the soil so the seed will have good soil contact. We will over-seed with rye and annual clover for new growth through the winter and into the spring.