Smallmouth Bass Fishing From the Kayak

Howling wind. 1 1/2 to 2 plus foot waves in the more sheltered areas. No boats on the Bay this afternoon. That is except crazy me in my 9 ft kayak. The waves were so big several times I had to paddle out with a hooked fish before I could release it to avoid being thrown up on shore and swamped (which did happen once and was very cold). This is Chequamegon Bay fishing at it's finest. Enjoy!I should say for perspective that this was 2 hours of fishing edited down.Gear included St. Croix Rods Rage Rod. Daiwa fishing Strike Force reel. Kiwi Lobo Kayak. All fish caught on one of Keith Worrall's Violent Strike Spinnerbaits. It's a prototype. Thinking of naming it something like the "thumper" or "pounder" for all the fish I've been catching on it this spring!Brian Worrall