Must Have Gear for Every Elk Hunt

Need help with your elk hunting gear list? In this video RedHead Pro Hunting Team member John Paul Morris shares his favorite  must have gear for the hunt. You’ll also find useful links that make it easy to find the gear!

  1. A variety of elk cow calls & a bugle call
  2. Always carry a facemask & hunting gloves
  3. A fleece hunting jacket
  4. Quality Hunting raingear
  5. Rangefinding binoculars
  6. Carry two types of knives, a standard blade for thick hides & a scaple style knife for skinning
  7. Field cleaning gloves
  8. Ground blind
  9. Folding saw
  10. Good quality flashlight
  11. Carry an extra bow release
  12. Small tools like super glue, allen wrenches and a Leatherman multi tool
  13. Extra windicator
  14. Paracord, snacks, plenty of water and handheld GPS
  15. Fire starter for campfires

Good luck this hunting season and I hope to see you on the mountain.