How to Break Down a Hind Quarter

1. Clean up the hindquarter by removing the fat and silver skin

2. Location of the cuts of meat. Sirloin tip, Rump roast, Bottom round , Top round, Eye of round  

3. Follow the natural seams in the muscle groups using your hands and knife and start separating the top round away from the other sections.  

4. Work the bottom round away from the bone.  

5. Cut the sirloin tip off the bone.

6. Slice the rump roast off the sirloin tip.

7. View of separate cuts. (R-L) Eye of round, bottom round, top round, sirloin tip, shank, stew meat

Clean up any remaining fat, silver skin and dried skin. The cleaned-up cuts can be used as roasts, sliced into steaks, stew meat or jerky slices, or be put in the grinder for sausage or jerky.