Getting Kids Outdoors This Fall

With the coming of autumn, it seems there are a million reasons your kids won'€™t get outdoors as much as they did during the summer. But truth be told, fall is probably the best time of year to help them try new things outdoors  the weather's great, the fishing is still good, and it's prime time for outdoor adventure.
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The key to it all is making every minute fun. Kids don'€™t have a lot of patience for waiting on things to go right and they won't tolerate being uncomfortable. So the two most important things to remember are:

1) find activities in which they can experience success, but with an escalating scale of challenge as they gain skills€“ like scavenger hunting, fishing, and wildlife watching, and

2) make sure they have quality gear that fits properly so the won't get cold, wet or sore. You know how much you dislike those things well, kids like them even less!