Stand-Up Paddleboarding Options

The growing sport of stand-up paddleboarding can be intimidating to know where to start but, doing a little research and knowing the types of boards can lead to a successful purchase. Stand-up paddleboards followed to the following categories: surf-specific, fun and fitness and touring or racing.

Surf specific boards are narrower and are closer in size to a surfboard. Fun and fitness boards have a planing hull which are best for anyone who wants one board that can do it all. They're wider and longer, offering a more stable base for a wide variety of uses and any experience level. Touring or racing boards have displacement hulls which are great if you know you're going to spend a long time on the water covering a lot of ground. They're ideal for speed and efficiency in the water.

Most stand-up paddleboards fall into these categories, however they may be made of different materials including fiberglass, plastic and carbon fiber. Inflatable boards are also available which can be an excellent choice for people without a way to transport a full-size board and contrary to what you might think about it being inflatable, these boards are very durable and hard when inflated.

All boards also require a paddle to propel you out on the water. While there's much more that goes into stand-up paddleboarding, we hope these basics help you in your search for the right stand-up paddleboard.