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How To Use Permethrin

How to Use Permethrin Insect Repellent

Permethrin is an insect repellent that kills biting insects like ticks, mosquitos, chiggers, mites, and more than a…
Features of the Cabela's 36

Features of the Cabela's 36" Pellet Grill

Learn about the best 7 features of the Cabela's 36" Pellet Grill.  Shop Here for the Cabela's Pellet Grill!
DIY Low-Cost Steel Target Stand

DIY Low-Cost Steel Target Stand

If you’re like us, any excuse to DIY in your garage is a good one. And when it comes to target shooting, there are…
Duck Hunting Rivers

Duck Hunting Rivers

Northern Flight, Episode 16, 2019 Duck season is in full swing in New York. The guys head out to one of their favorite…
Back To Back Mallards in Arkansas

Back To Back Mallards in Arkansas

Northern Flight, Episode 14, 2019 RJ and the crew head out to hunt a field that has been holding too many ducks! With…
Limit Of Specks

Specklebelly Goose Hunt in Arkansas

Northern Flight, Episode 13, 2019 The Northern Flight crew is still at it down south! This week we head back out with…
Early Whitetail Season Cold Front

First Cold Front

Deer Nation Episode 5, 2019 We join Cooper Long and Eric Pritz in the stand for their first cold front hunts of the…
Make Your Own Waterfowl Jerky

Make Your Own Waterfowl Jerky

Check out the how the Northern Flight crew makes jerky and snack sticks for the blind! 
Heritage Series Box Calls

Heritage Series Box Calls

The Turkey Roost team has been using the RedHead Heritage Series Turkey Box calls this season. Check out their gear…
Storage In A Vehicle

Firearm Storage In a Vehicle

For your protection and those around you, following legal firearm storage and transportation is a must. There is no…
Gun Storage at Home

Gun Storage at Home

As a gun owner your responsibility is to store your firearms safely and securely.  Liberty Safes and Cabela’s come…
Air Travel With Firearms

Air Travel With Firearms

When traveling by air with firearms caution and common sense are key. To avoid any issues while transporting your…