Rabbit sitting in the brush

Rabbit Hunting 101

February 27, 2019
There's no doubt about it: chasing rabbits is fantastic sport. Hunting cottontails may lack the sudden explosiveness of quail hunting or the mesmerism of a green-timber mallard hunt at dawn, but it…
Two rabbit hunters walking a trail

12 Tips for Rabbit Hunters

February 20, 2018
Although most rabbit hunters bag a few cottontails or swamp rabbits on each trip afield, certain techniques can bolster your success. These 12 tips should help you better enjoy the experience of…
News & Tips: 12 Tips for Solo Rabbit Hunting Success...

12 Tips for Solo Rabbit Hunting Success

December 10, 2015
As the blur of brown fur exploded out of the brush pile, the shotgun seemed to leap to my shoulder on its own. A quick squeeze of the trigger and my first cottontail of the day was in the bag. You…
News & Tips: Hunting Snowshoe Hares: The Ultimate Cabin Fever Cure...

Hunting Snowshoe Hares: The Ultimate Cabin Fever Cure

February 11, 2015
Sleet and snow stung my face. A foot of powder covered the ground and the wind whipped through the spruce forest.  For a moment I let my thoughts drift to the low country, where spring was on its way…
Rabbit hunter and beagle with rabbit

Hunting Tips: Rabbits Run in February

February 2, 2014
February is the time of year when small game hunting seasons are the sportsman's only focus — a time to join some rabbit-hunting friends in pursuit of cottontails. Beagles will chase the rabbits…
News & Tips: Rabbits Offer Great Late Hunting Opportunities...

Rabbits Offer Great Late Hunting Opportunities

January 25, 2014
If you're looking to extend your hunting now that deer seasons have mostly closed, consider an outing focused on the humble cottontail. In many states rabbits are open through February or later. And…
News & Tips: Hunting Snowshoe Hares the Hard Way

Hunting Snowshoe Hares the Hard Way

January 7, 2014
Winter in the north can be an awfully long season. Ice fishing, tying flies and the planning of hunts certainly make it more enjoyable, but sometimes even these things won't cure cabin fever. That's…
Pack of hunting beagles sniffing a dead rabbit

Rabbits & Beagles: Tips From an Expert Hunter

November 2, 2013
Some things fit together so perfectly that when one of the components is missing, the whole thing seems out of kilter. Rabbits and beagles are one such pairing. Compared to this combination, setters…
Rabbit walking

Steps to Prevent Rabbit Fever

April 11, 2013
Rabbit hunting is about as fun as it gets when it comes to hunting small game. Memories of my childhood days, when all I had to do was grab my single shot Stevens 12-gauge shotgun, head out the door…
News & Tips: Hounding Bunnies

Hounding Bunnies

December 14, 2012
At the roar of my single-barrel 12-gauge Stevens shotgun, an enormous cloud of dry October dust enveloped the cottontail rabbit bounding full speed across my Dad's cut soybean field. Rowdy, the…