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Buttons Questions

What does the “Subscribe” button do?
The “Subscribe” button allows you to follow that topic and receive notifications via your registered email when a post is made in that topic.

What does the “Favorite” button do?
When you “Favorite” a topic, it will be saved under your Favorites in your profile. To access your Favorites, click the Forum Profile tab at the top of the Forums page, then select the “Favorites” in your profile.

What is the “Thank You” button on posts?
The “Thank You” button is a way of “liking” a post by telling them “Thank you for posting that.”

How do I follow a topic to receive notifications when a reply is made?
When you reply to a topic, you are automatically “Subscribed” to that topic and will receive notifications via your registered email when someone posts any replies in the topic. However, you can opt out of subscribing to a topic when replying to a post by de-selecting the “Subscribe” check box at the bottom of your post before you hit “Submit”. To “Subscribe” to a post without replying, click on the blue “Subscribe” button just below the post. To unsubscribe, select “Unsubscribe”.

How do I send a private message?
You can send a private message two ways: by selecting Private Messages at the top right of the Forum page or by selecting the “quote bubble” icon under a user’s name when they post.

Posting Questions

How do I insert a link?
When ready to insert the link, click on the Globe/Link icon on the Boardcode. Just below that icon you will see a place to insert a URL and a Text box to type the text you would like the link to appear as. Then click insert.

How do I insert an image?
You can insert an image two ways: through a URL link and by uploading an image from your computer.
  • To insert an image through a URL link, click on the Image/Link icon in the Boardcode. Just below the icon you will see a Size box and a URL box. Insert the URL of the image in the URL box; if you would like to resize the image, type in a pixel size (just one pixel size – that is the width, as the height will be automatically adjusted). 200 image size is encouraged for optimal viewing. If you keep the Size box empty, the image will appear in its original formatted size.
  • To insert an image from your computer, at the bottom of the page, you’ll see Add Photos. Click Add File to choose an image to upload. Click Insert to insert the image. (You will not be able to see the image in the Preview pane when uploading an image.) You can add up to 8 images.

What image files can I upload?
You can upload from your computer .jpg, .jpeg, .gif and .png files.

Do you have a host for my photos so that I can insert them?
If you’re looking for a place to put your photos so that you can insert them via a URL in the 1Source Forum, you can do so by uploading images to the Braggin’ Board. Just log in to 1Source (or go here to create a membership, which you also need to post in the Forum) and upload your images to the Braggin’ Board. You can think copy and paste the link using the above instructions.

How do you insert a video?
You can insert videos two different ways: by inserting the video URL into the URL box or by selecting one of the listed video providers in the dropdown box and entering the video ID. (We recommend using the URL, as it’s easier and quicker. Also, don’t worry about the size of the video – the default size is optimal for the forums.)

To insert a video, click the film strip icon in the Boardcode section. After inserting the video, click on the preview button at the bottom of the page to preview the video.

How do you insert a poll?
To insert a poll, click on the graph icon (next to the ? icon). You will see a box to insert the title of your poll. It is best to ask the question of your poll in this box, but you have a 100 character limit.

To the right of the Poll Title box, you will see a + and –. To add an answer to vote on, click the plus sign + until you have the number of boxes you would like to serve as potential voted answers. To delete a answer, click the minus – symbol.

Below the Poll Title box is an end date you would like to have the poll run, for example 1 week or 1 month. To never have an end date for the poll, leave the Date box at 0000-00-00.

(Note: You must enter text in the Message box before submitting.)

How do you insert a map?
To insert a map, click on the map icon in the Boardcode. The URL code {map} {/map} will appear. In between the map code, type the address, city and state or type just the city and state. For example, {map}123 Main St. City, State{/map} or just {map}City, State{/map}.
The map won’t appear in the preview pane, but after you submit it, a map from Google Maps will appear in your post.

When I type in a link, emoticon or any other type of “Boardcode”, it appears as html code in the Message. How can I see what I’m typing is turning out what I want it to be?
At the bottom of the page when posting or replying to a topic, click Preview and a second “preview” pane will appear below the message window. You will be able to see a preview of what you are typing.

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