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Mark Menendez, photo credit

Mark Menendez Looks Forward to Cold Water Cranking for Bass

January 5, 2018
for Bass
For many anglers, winter means a time to hunt deer and re-organize fishing tackle. For others, it’s a time to test their mettle against wintering largemouth as water temps drop. Many anglers ...
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BPS Pro Josh Bertrand

Happiness on Tour With Pro Angler Josh Bertrand

December 27, 2017
for Bass
by Dave Landahl     Happiness is a relative term. Each individual must define happiness for themselves. So, what the heck does this have to do with bass fishing? An awful lot. If you're...
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Randy Howell

Blessed to Be a Pro Angler

December 23, 2017
for Fishing
by Dave Landahl   So many anglers across the bass fishing universe dream of one day fishing for a living. Sure, many, if not more, don't want to turn their hobby into a job, but somewhere ...
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