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Fish Hook Removal and Injury Prevention

Fish Hook Removal and Injury Prevention

May 14, 2015
for Fishing Information
Even the most experienced fishermen run into snags on some occasions; sometimes, it’s in the literal sense, as happens when getting hung up on a fishing hook as a result of a misplaced cast. If ...
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Best Fish Fry

The Best Campsite Fish Recipe Ever

July 13, 2018
for Fish Recipes
You guide the boat quietly into a secluded bay and beach it on a sandy point. The other boats in your group follow. The morning’s catch is retrieved from live wells, and everybody heads to the ...
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Ish Monroe

What Would You Do? Ish Monroe

July 8, 2018
for Bass
by Dave Landahl Most people believe they know exactly what they would do when certain things happen to them in life. However, when you are asked a question about what you would do, and it's not a ...
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