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Gerald Spohrer: photo credit FLW, LLC

How to Master Fishing a Brush Pile - Gerald Spohrer (video)

October 16, 2018
for Bass
Gerald Spohrer has been lighting the Bassmaster Elite trail on fire this past season. Despite growing up fishing the Atchafalaya Basin in Louisiana which is devoid of brush piles, once he fished ...
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Vertically fishing specific structure where you specifically target fish on your electronics is deadly for fall bass and walleye. Tungsten jigs give anglers a huge advantage over deeper water or when fishing heavy wind.

Deadly Vertical Fall Fishing Tactics

October 8, 2018
for Fishing
by Jason Mitchell   Perhaps more than any other year, fall fishing locations can be spot on the spot where specific structural elements hold fish.  An advantage that anglers have when ...
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Pinpointing Walleyes During Early Ice

Pinpointing Walleyes During Early Ice

October 4, 2018
for Ice Fishing
Small lakes can provide excellent ice fishing opportunities early in the winter! While it is tempting to head out on the lake as soon as it freezes over, I like to wait until there is 4-6 inches of ...
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