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Uploaded By: Bass Pro Shop 1Source . Added on: 15 August 2016.

20 Fun Facts on the Hellbender Salamander

Hellbender Salamander Names
1.    Devil Dog
2.    Snot Otter
3.    Mountain Alligator
4.    Mud Cats
1. Mostly eat crayfish & insects
2. Flat head allows them to hide under rocks
3. Rooter-like tails help them swim through the water
4. Hellbenders are nocturnal
5. Hellbenders never come out of the water
6. They are considered amphibians
7. They are the largest North American Salamander
8. They are the third largest species of salamanders in the world
9. They can live to be 30 or more years in the wild & 50 in captivity
10. Although they have lungs, they breathe through pores in their skin
11. Males will create & guard the nests
12. Males will also eat the eggs
13. They are not poisonous, they do have sharp teeth
14. They have an amazing sense smell
15. Fossil records date Hellbenders  to more than 160 million years
16. They can swallow fish almost as long as themselves