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Kayak Fishing in Saltwater

Wednesday, February 05 2014 6:00 am - for Kayak Fishing
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Paddling for fish in the quiet reaches of a salt marsh has a quality that not many other experiences can equal. The only sounds are the gentle ripples of the…
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Kayak Bass Fishing Tips and Tactics

Thursday, May 16 2013 12:00 pm - for Kayak Fishing
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Don Theoret fished a weedy bay to land this largemouth bass take on a topwater frog. Kayak fishing is one of the hottest trends in the outdoor industry today. Extremely…
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How to Get Your Kayak Fishing Ready

Wednesday, May 01 2013 4:00 pm - for Kayak Fishing
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  Whether you own a sit-in or a sit-on-top model, outfitting a kayak for fishing isn't much different than outfitting any other boat. The small size and storage limitations of…
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Choose the Right Kayak for Fishing

Tuesday, February 26 2013 11:00 am - for Kayak Fishing
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Kayak fishermen have taken their sport to a new level. Interest blossomed a decade ago, and the idea of fishing from a kayak has grown by leaps and bounds. However,…
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