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Hunters understand the importance that quality habitat plays in a successful season. Many don't realize, however, the huge role they play in habitatrestoration. Learn more on how you can get…
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Joining host Rob Keck on Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World Radio will be Bob Foulkrod, professional hunter, host of Winchester’s “Legends”, and member of the RedHead Pro Hunting Team. Bob…
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Advantages of Hunting Public Land Turkeys

Thursday, August 20 2015 5:00 pm - for Turkey
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Most hunters shy away from the state and federal lands due to the fear of hunting pressure and shorter seasons associated with government lands.  As with deer hunting, I’ve found…
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Tune in to Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World Radio as the Fall Hunting Classic event begins. Host Rob Keck will broadcast live from Memphis, Tennessee at Bass Pro Shops at the…
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Lee Gordon This week on Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World radio, Lee Gordon, Director of Public Relations for Mercury Marine, will share the company’s newest innovations to make boating and…
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Rat Out Big Fish With a Topwater Mouse

Wednesday, August 12 2015 4:55 pm - for Bass
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Casting the lure towards the vast green mat of milfoil, I cranked slowly on the handle of the baitcast reel, tensing instinctively. Somehow I just knew a strike was coming.…
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Bill Brassard Tune into Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World radio to catch up on recent education efforts by the National Shooting Sports Foundation and to hear about the latest developments…
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8 Types of Hikers: Which One Are You?

Tuesday, August 04 2015 12:00 pm - for Hiking
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If you’re a hiker, you've already set yourself apart from the hoards of people that never leave the parking lot. But even among those who love to cover miles of…
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3 Things Great Deer Hunters Do

Friday, July 31 2015 6:00 am - for Deer
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Increase Your Odds for Bagging a Deer ... Start Planning Your Hunt Now! 1. While you’re sitting at home in the air conditioning, great deer hunters are out in the…
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Take me to a walleye lake I’ve never fished before and I’m a happy angler. It’s always fun to solve the “where are the ‘eyes” puzzle. Here are 3 fundamentals…
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