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Backpacking for Elk

Thursday, November 21 2013 3:00 pm - for Elk
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Heading to the mountains to hunt elk on foot is a lofty goal for any outdoorsman. Elk live in some of the most remote, rugged country in the continental United…
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Preparing Horses for an Elk Hunt

Thursday, November 07 2013 3:00 pm - for Elk
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Planning and executing an elk hunt out West is a major undertaking. Planning and initial preparations must begin a year or more in advance. Hunters with poor preparations wind up…
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The Elk That Almost Broke Us

Wednesday, October 16 2013 3:54 pm - for Elk
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Drawing an elk tag for the White Mountains of eastern Arizona is no easy task, and hunting the White Mountains is dang near impossible. Our destination was an area that…
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Rocky Mountain Elk Hunt #4

Wednesday, August 14 2013 8:51 am - for Elk
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9,500 feet above sea level, short on oxygen, praying to the Lord God Almighty! “PLEASE, let that bull expire; don’t let him get up!” This was the fourth Rocky Mountain…
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Little Things for Big Elk

Sunday, November 04 2012 6:00 pm - for Elk
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After finishing a successful New Mexico elk hunt, I reflected on the little things that made everything come together on the hunt: All the time at the range dialing in…
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Opening Day - Elk Season

Tuesday, October 30 2012 7:00 pm - for Elk
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As the elk season was approaching, I found myself procrastinating like all the other years in the past. Child care, bills, and the gear I still needed for the trip…
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Imagine a world where wide open spaces are a myth, light pollution reaches all corners of the planet and the only place to see “wild” animals is a zoo. Scary,…
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Elk Hunting 101

Thursday, October 11 2012 9:45 am - for Elk
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If you are a first-time elk hunter, follow these guidelines carefully to have a successful hunt.   Plan Ahead This is not to be taken lightly.   Health is first…
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