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A Florida Hog Hunt

Monday, June 17 2013 7:00 am - for Hogs & Boar Hunting
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I had to run down to Florida the other day for a business deal. On Thursday afternoon Bubba told me we ought to go hog hunting. It took me about…
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You’ll find wild hogs mostly in the southern Gulf states like Texas, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana, as well as in some neighboring states like Arkansas. North and east Texas…
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Wild boars are non-native species to the United States. They were introduced to the U.S. in the 1500s and now inhabit more than half the states in the country. Wild…
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Hogs In The Swamp

Thursday, October 11 2012 10:16 am - for Hogs & Boar Hunting
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The title of this post sounds like a bad “B movie” from the 1960s; however, if you want an adrenaline rush as well as a good way to fill your…
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