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View instructions on how to tie fishing line knots & fly fishing knots.

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A fishing knot is nothing more than a series of wraps and loops in a line that results in a strong connection when tightened. These directions refer to the end of the fishing line, which goes to the hook or lure, as the "tag end" and the long end of the line, which goes to the reel, as the "standing line."

Learn how to tie the perfect fishing knot. Below are links to step by step instructions on how to tie eleven popular fishing line knots such as the uni-knot, surgeon's fishing knot, the palomar fishing knot, the albright special fishing knot, the blood fishing knot, the non-slip loop knot, the improved clinch knot, the double uni fishing line knot, the drooper loop fishing knot, the surgeons end loop fishing knot, and the perfection loop fishing line knot. Choose a knot below to learn more.

Join Two Lines Together Make a Loop
in a Line
Attach a Hook,
Fly or Lure to a Line
AlbrightSpecial LibThumb SurgeonsEndLoop LibThumb Palomar LibThumb
BloodKnot LibThumb NonSlipLoop LibThumb ImprovedClinch LibThumb
DoubleUniKnot LibThumb DropperLoop LibThumb UniKnot LibThumb
SurgeonsLoop LibThumb PerfectionLoop LibThumb  



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  • All fishing knots should be wetted carefully before tightening the line! Failure to do this will weaken the knot severely because of the heat generated by friction.