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A crisp fall morning, a .22 rifle in hand and squirrels grating on nuts; what a way to spend the day in the woods! Ripe hickory nuts, plentiful acorns, aromatic…
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Squirrel hunting is not the national past time it once was, but it is a fun way to sharpen shooting and hunting skills well before the deluge of fall hunting…
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Townsend's Ground Squirrel Hunting

Monday, March 24 2014 6:00 am - for Small Game
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I live in Idaho so I am totally blessed. We have the best bear hunting in the world; we used to have great elk, deer and moose hunting until they…
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Rabbits Run in February

Sunday, February 02 2014 3:00 pm - for Small Game
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February is the time of year when small game hunting seasons are the sportsman's only focus — a time to join some rabbit-hunting friends in pursuit of cottontails. Beagles will chase…
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If you're looking to extend your hunting now that deer seasons have mostly closed, consider an outing focused on the humble cottontail. In many states rabbits are open through February…
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Sure, you’ve heard of chili cook offs, rib cook offs and chowder cook offs. But how about a squirrel cook off?  While the idea of cooking up squirrels is certainly…
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Hunting Small Game During Summer

Thursday, June 20 2013 3:06 pm - for Small Game
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Summer time is definitely dominated by fishing season, which is great. I love fishing, but don’t count hunting out just yet! A lot of people have the misconception that the…
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Steps to Prevent Rabbit Fever

Thursday, April 11 2013 12:00 pm - for Small Game
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Rabbit hunting is about as fun as it gets when it comes to hunting small game. Memories of my childhood days, when all I had to do was grab my…
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