Touring the Lake Fork Trophy Lure Plant

News & Tips: Touring the Lake Fork Trophy Lure Plant...

Last week we talked about fishing at Lake Fork. Today let's talk about the rest of the trip and really the main reason for going. Anne Parker, co-owner along with her husband Ronnie of Lake Fork Trophy Lures, had invited me to take a tour of their plant.

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This one is named Baby Ice — one of the Lake Fork Trophy Lure prototypes that will hit stores shortly. Photo courtesy of John Campos

I had never toured a lure plant and was excited to do so, especially after fishing with their lures the day before. In this short article I won't be able to do them justice but let's highlight some of their gear that was interesting to me. They make the best plastics that I've ever used and they have a quadrillion varieties to choose from.

But let's back up and start at the beginning. The first afternoon Kevin Sharp had given me a quick run through and Ronnie followed up the next day after the morning fishing trip with a thorough Plant tour.

Let's start off first talking about their plastic lures. The plastic lure material arrives at their plant in barrels. Through a series of pumps it is injected into molds. The material is heated to 360 degrees injected and then allowed to cool. The lures are then pulled out of the molds and hung on racks to cool.

As you can imagine, in the mold it is necessary to have a small line of plastic (called the umbilical cord) connecting each lure so the plastic flows into each lure mold. So there is a small line of plastic connecting each lure. After they have cooled the lures, they are removed by hand one at a time from this central cord for bagging.

For you readers that are into the Green Scene, you'll be glad to know that they recycle any leftover plastic into tennis shoe soles. (In fact if you want to know more about getting your company on board as far as going green go to Amazon Kindle and you can purchase an e-article titled "Going Green-Getting Your Company On Board" that I wrote).

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Lake Fork Trophy Lures will roll out the Red Ear Bream crankbait in early Fall. Photo courtesy of John Campos

I can't wait to use their Baby Shads in Idaho on our crappie and perch. I'm also going to try some of their small ones with my fly rod on some of the huge bull trout when I go backpacking. I'll let you know how that works. Then in October I have to talk to Ronnie and see what I need to take to Louisiana for Redfish and Specs.

They also are getting into the hard baits and have some nice crankbaits offered in a wide variety of colors. But what Ronnie is really proud of is his new Magic Poppers. As we were about to go to a late lunch on Saturday he opened a box with six of each color of his Magic Popper line that he'd just received back from the painters.

The art work on them was unbelievable. You could almost frame one and put it on the wall for a picture. Like I say, the first prototypes arrived while I was there. They will be half the price of the top competitors and I predict they will take the market by storm. They are tipped off with some nice Mustad hooks.

While I guess Ronnie designed them for the bass market, I can't wait to hit the stripers at daylight with them on Lake Texoma. Or when I go to Louisiana in October I'd like to see what they do on Reds and Specs when they're hitting on top.

Well it was a fun tour. It's always amazing to see the research and hard work that it takes to develop and produce products that we daily take for granted.

Thanks for the tour and the great weekend all of you guys and gals at Lake Fork Trophy Lures.