Don't Forget Something for Your Outdoor Adventure: Leave Gear Packed

News & Tips: Don't Forget Something for Your Outdoor Adventure: Leave Gear Packed...

How many of you have arrived at camp only to discover that you forgot your bullets, can opener or some other important item? Some forgotten gear may only be a slight inconvenience but some are a deal breaker, such as if you forgot your rifle!

BeReadyBePacked blogYears ago my old buddy Jack Sweet shared something with me. He pulled an elk hunting list out of a file cabinet and said, "I drew this up decades ago. It's all of the necessary items that I'll need for a week of hunting."

So today I'm suggesting that you to design a check-off list for all of your major outdoor events, such as elk hunting, backpacking, fourwheeling, etc. It will save you a lot of heartache and maybe your life.

But to make it easier on packing, you ought to leave some items always packed. Here are some examples:

Camp box. Buy or make a camp box and leave all of your utensils in it or invariably you'll forget a can opener, coffee pot or something.

Daypacks. Leave in your daypack an Adventure Medical Kit moleskin package, extra compass and fire-starting supplies.

Backpacks. I leave the above items in a backpack, plus string, boot laces, can opener, tie-down straps and a poncho.

Tackle boxes. I have separate tackle boxes for crappie fishing, bass fishing, salmon fishing and of course for fly fishing. That way all I have to do is to grab the proper box and I have all the necessary lures. (Yes, for some species I may have three to four tackle boxes.)

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Leaving the above items intact will save a lot of misery, but for the bulk of the items you'll need a list. Here's why I say this. I carry my .44 mag. on day hikes, backpacking, elk, deer and bear hunting and fishing trips, but I don't have six .44's that I can have in separate boxes. Same with rain gear and so forth. See what I mean? So 90 percent of the items you'll need to re-pack for every trip.

Try the above ideas and hopefully you can avoid that "Oh no, I forgot the...." when you get to camp.