Building a Survival Kit for Your Truck

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When things like this happen, it's best to always be prepared!

If you go outdoors then you need a survival kit in your truck and I'm not talking about for you. It's for your truck. I live in Idaho so if I get in trouble I can't just call a buddy to come pull me out of a ditch. In fact, more than likely I can't call anyone due to no cell phone reception. So I've got to be self-sufficient. I'll list below a few items that I think are must have.

  • Handy man jack. I love these. Countless times they've got me unstuck or helped to change a flat. You don't want to have a flat in the mud or snow and have to use a scissor jack-worthless. But more often than not when I'm using my Handyman jack when I'm stuck. I can then throw rocks or sticks under the wheels to lift me off high center. Don't leave home without one. I have three or four.
  • Jumper cables. You never know when you'll need a pair of these either to jump your own rig or some other poor soul.
  • Chain. I constantly need a chain to pull someone out of a ditch or for someone else to pull me out of a bog. Buy a good one. You don't want it snapping and shooting through your window and zapping you in back of the head.
  • Tire chains. Nothing beats a set of chains when you're in bad snow and ice. Just a few weeks ago my buddy Shawn Lee called me and asked if I wanted to run up to the mountains and ride his horses. We didn't even get the horses unloaded before we slid off the trail into a boulder. No biggee. Slap on the chains and we're back in the saddle so to speak.
  • Shovel. You have to have a shovel to scoop snow out of your tracks or to dig out when you're high center. Just last winter I was on an extreme winter camping/backpacking ordeal. A bad blizzard hit and dumped on me. When I was trying to leave I saw a guy heading out and 30 minutes later the road was already drifted shut with at least two feet of snow. Luckily I had a shovel so I could dig out.
  • Two spare tires. Where I hunt and fish is tough country. Sharp rocks can puncture your tires. One year my buddy Ed Sweet had two blow outs on an evening bear hunt. I always carry two spares.
  • Can of tire sealant. I throw one in the back in case. You can usually get one cheap.
  • Chainsaw or ax. How many trees have you seen laying across a road in your life? What if one falls when you're in the backcountry and you're trying to get out? While on an early backpacking trip once we had a bad storm dump on us. We barely made it out. Two trees and one log had fallen in the road. Luckily they were smaller and I had two of my stout nephews with me but always carry an ax or chain saw. Especially if you're headed in to the back country in the spring. You will usually have to cut your way in.
  • Winch. If you have enough money, a winch is nice.

   Well, you could add a lot more items to the list but this should be enough to keep you going.