Product Review: PSE King Fisher Bowfishing Kit is Great for Beginners

News & Tips: Product Review: PSE King Fisher Bowfishing Kit is Great for Beginners...

Bowfishing is how I got into bowhunting 36 years ago. I started with a recurve but switched to a compound. This year I wanted to switch back to a recurve.

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The PSE King Fisher Kit comes with everything you need to get started in bowfishing with a recurve bow.

Here's why I favor a recurve for bowfishing. Sometimes you only have time for a fast shot. A recurve is a lot faster shooting than a compound. When I say faster shooting, I don't mean that they shoot faster but that you can throw it up and shoot it faster. Also, if a carp is in front of a rock, you don't want to zip an arrow through him with a 75-pound bow. With a recurve you don't have to pull a full draw, so it won't pass through him, thereby shattering your arrow.

For that reason, I started looking for recurve bows and discovered that PSE makes an economical bowfishing package called the King Fisher Bowfishing Kit that is great for carp and gar. It comes with a breakdown bow, string, reel, two rest, line and two fishing arrows.

I've always arrows that tied at the nock end of the arrow but with this rig use the Muzzy arrows with a safety slide. Here's why I recommend using a safety slide. The first arrow I shot the line had wrapped around the rest and snapped off. Two shots later the line wrapped around the rest again, the arrow hit the end of the line and shot right back at me. I use safety slides now so the line is out away from the rest. The package comes with two rests. The fishing rest is large and easily entangles but is the best of the two rests for bowfishing.

The King Fisher kit has a free flowing spool, which I favor. When wading through mud, falling in holes over your head and covered with fish slime, complicated equipment can fail. I've still got my two original free flowing spools from 1979. A little banged up but functional.

If you've had an inkling to get into bowfishing, this is an economical package at $139.99. Bowfishing is a low-key adventure. You don't have to be exceptionally quiet or get camo'd up and there can be a lot of shooting. What's not to like about that?