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Basic Information

  • I am retired with my wife Denise. We live in Lakeland on 3.5 acres with a 2 acre pond, so lots of wildlife including gators. We are both in our 60's. We got married in 2012. We both enjoy hunting, fishing, kayaking, photography and I enjoy playing golf. We have a 'boat load' of Grandchildren and both have two children each. We enjoy being on our lease in Perry FL. anytime of the year just as a get away. We have over 200 acres to hunt on. And I would say I am an avid Gator fan! From West by God Virginia and consider myself well educated in all fields of outdoor fun. I have some videos on u-tude under Crows Nest Perry Florida. We do an extensive amount of traveling with many more trips planned in the future.

Gear List

  • 2012 4X4 FJ Cruiser; 8 kayaks which include 1 Hobie sport, 2 Hobie Outback, 2 Hobie Pro Anglers, the rest are pelicans, feel free. etc. We have a great little camper which is a 2014 Lauch Starcraft. We have two Polaris 4 wheelers that we keep up at the lease in Perry Fl. And last but certainly not least a 21 foot Shallow Water flats boat.

Recent activities