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Basic Information

  • Home: Hanover, Virginia
    Travel and supporting the IGFA as a rep for Labrador
    : Several small boats to access local ponds and rivers in VA with clients, use boats in the world class locations for my hosted trips.


    Angling Stuff


    Favorite Technique: Comfortable with any weight fly rod, floating lines and sub-surface as well, 2-12 weight
    Fishing Strength:
    Selecting species, matching gear and travel and hosting groups of participants to that criteria
    Favorite Lake:
    The Minipi watershed in Labrador, Canada for 27 years
    Favorite Species Fished
    Brock Trout
    Likes to Fish:
    The Minipi watershed in Labrador, Canada


    Career Highlights

    Fishing 35 Years
    Member of Bass Pro Shops, Hanover, MD Pro Fishing team
    5 World records recognized by the IGFA
    Fly Fishing guide and host
    Have hosted fishing groups in Alaska, Louisiana, Canada, Costa Rica, Newfoundland, Labrador, Columbia, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Africa, Mongolia, Seychelles Islands and Tierra del Fuego
    20+ Years as a representative for International Game Fishing Association (IGFA)

Recent activities