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A few decades ago, it would have been difficult to find an outdoorsman who couldn't start a fire. Wood cookstoves and heating were used by almost everyone, and campfires brightened every outdoor adventure. Fire building was part of everyday life. That has changed, of course. Push a button and you can microwave dinner. Turn up the thermostat and, presto, you have heat. Want a fire in the fireplace? Light a store-bought firestarter and you don't even need kindling. Not surprisingly, many people no longer can build even the most rudimentary fire. For most, this will never be more than a…
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In spring, white bass seek tributaries of major reservoirs for spawning runs. It is during these spawning runs, when thousands of whites are concentrated in small streams, that most white bass are taken during the year. In fact, for some white-bass aficionados, there's no season but spring. When spawning runs end, so does the fishing.   White bass have small mouths — big baits won't catch them with any  consistency. That's unfortunate, for winter is an excellent season for catching whites. Many anglers catch them in dam tailwaters by tightlining from the bank or wade fishing in the shallows a safe…
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In this article you’ll learn about confidence decoys and how to imitate a contented flock of waterfowl. This waterfowl hunting tactic helps your decoy spread look more realistic. Typically confidence decoys are comprised of other water or wading bird species such as geese, crows, swans, sea gulls etc.
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Rabbit Hunting 101

February 27, 2016 - for Small Game
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There's no doubt about it: chasing rabbits is fantastic sport. Hunting cottontails may lack the sudden explosiveness of quail hunting or the mesmerism of a green-timber mallard hunt at dawn, but it has an immeasurable allure all its own. If you carefully pick the coverts you visit, you can be fairly certain you'll bag at least a few rabbits, making each day a success. Thus, rabbit hunting is a great way to introduce youngsters and novices to hunting. Chances of gathering enough rabbits for several tasty meals are excellent as well. And whether you hunt with or without dogs, you'll…
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