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Through the many years of pursuing northern pike through the ice, one aspect that stands out from the rest about their ice-time habits – and one that most folks overlook – is that these toothy critters almost always can be found using the entire water column. And this is not just a seasonal approach, either; this pattern had held true from the very first days I can creep out onto the ice to the latest-of-late ice. Of course, like any technique we talk about, there are different ingredients to achieving the goal of putting fish on top of the ice.…
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Anyone who knows me understands that one of my true passions when it comes to the sport of muskie fishing is teaching the virtues of catch and release. While I have covered this topic up one side and down the other over the past several years, one aspect of the practice that has not gotten as much attention as it should is release issues on ice. As an ice fisherman myself, once I really started to be very serious about release in general, I realized that for some reason when ice fishing, things just tended to be a little more…
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I’m just a lucky guy, I guess. First: Years back in my home area, a great friend and fishing guide, Bill (Fuzzy) Shumway, in Hayward, Wisc., took the sonar-lure concept and made it bigger – muskie sized. I remember pondering the whole thing when he first showed me the Fuzzy Duzzit while fishing together. I was lucky there because I was one of the first to get a hold of one. And too, just prior, I got to know a guy who very quietly caught more big muskies from area lakes than anyone. He was ahead of his time on…
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Muskies on the Back Cast

September 4, 2013 - for Muskie
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As a long-time guide, I fished from the back of the boat to give my clients first water ... I still fish in the back. A disadvantage to an extent with real active fish, but something I learned while fishing from the back of the boat, is still very effective today ... and something I think few people do. It's especially effective with twitched crank baits. It's simply casting back behind the boat – in the path of the boat – with varying angles at times. It works ... and people get in the rut (me included to this day)…
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