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Try Bright Baits When Sight-Fishing Bass

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October 19, 2014
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While pink isn’t a common underwater color, these fising lures and baits can trigger aggressive bites.

From season opener to autumn, I sight fish for bass whenever conditions allow. Although many smallmouth and largemouth bass are deep at this point in autumn, there are still shallow, sight-fishing opportunities. I find this most pronounced during unseasonably warm, sunny days. One trick I’ve learned is that using a brightly colored lure can help you catch more fish when sight fishing.

Bright Baits – Score One for Visibility

I use bright baits because I can easily see them, especially when wearing polarized sunglasses. For example, I can see a hot pink jerkbait much sooner into the retrieve than I can a naturally colored lure. Knowing the position of the lure is useful. It lets me adjust the retrieve to position the lure near cover and structure where bass may lurk. Or I can steer the bait away from snags.

Trigger Bites With Bright Baits

Another advantage of being able to see a bright bait is you can also watch behind the lure for following bass. The sooner you know a fish is in pursuit, the sooner you can adjust the retrieve to trigger a bite. Depending on the mood of the fish, I may speed up, twitch, or pause a lure - all have their time and place for instigating a hit.

Chartreuse, hot pink, and clown are common palettes in my tackle box. These colors don’t resemble much in nature, but a loud paint pattern can trigger bass to bite some days.

Try using a brightly colored lure the next time you’re sight-fishing. It’ll help you position the lure in prime water and trigger following bass to attack

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