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4 Reasons to Toss Weedless Spoons for Lily Pad Largemouth Bass

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July 25, 2014
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Find out why their fluttering action drives largemouth bass mad.

With the advent of pliable floating frogs and toads, weedless metal spoons lost some lustre with the bass crowds. This is a shame, really, as the latter triggers fish with unique properties only a metal lure can produce.

bass weedless spoons 300
Weedless spoons have a series of unique properties that effectively trigger fish.

Here is the lowdown on why these specialty baits work.

The Trigger Factor

Weedless spoons have a series of unique properties that effectively trigger fish. The shape mimics a baitfish perfectly, while the metallic makeup duplicates the scale pattern of fleeing prey. However, it is the tantalizing flutter action – evident on the fall – that fools most fish into biting. Although  work when water is shallow and fish are feeding up, for deep pad beds and bottom-hugging bass, it is this flutter action that makes them a must-have bait.

Welcome to the Jungle

Due to their innovative weedless design, no lily pad bed is too thick or snag-filled for a spoon. Although effective on top and throughout pad beds, my best action has come at the edge of the pads themselves. For this reason, I seek out beds with open and defined deep edges, or with a variety of holes and pockets within the bed itself.

Focus on Your Retrieve

Weedless spoons are designed to be fished relatively fast over and through lily pad beds. A medium retrieve with the rod held high will accomplish this. As your lure reaches the edge of the pads themselves – or any pockets or holes within – simply stop your retrieve and let the spoon flutter freely to the bottom. If a fish has followed your bait up to this point, the appearance of an easy meal within striking distance is often too much to resist.

Anticipate a strike each time you dead stick your spoon. They will come hard and often immediately.

Doctor Them Up

The single upturned hook of a weedless spoon works great for the addition of soft plastic trailers or skirts. I will often add a large curly tail grub (generally in a contrasting color) to my spoons for an extra bit of action. Depending on what design of trailer you add, the fluttering cadence can be changed and tweaked to be even more inviting to those following bass.

Weedless spoons still have a place in bass anglers boxes. Until a frog is designed that can flutter, these hard metal baits will continue to clean up when worked along the edge of any expansive beds of pads.


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