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Christmas List: Hunting Gear

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December 9, 2013
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There is a ton of gear to help us outdoorsmen be successful. We must be a creative bunch. I'm serious. Who do you think dreams up all of the new outdoor inventions? The president of PETA? I don't think so. Most items were designed by sportsmen just like you.

Get your hunter ready for spring hunting with a ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent.

So with that said let's list out some of the items that will help you be successful.

  • Optics. I teach a lot of Spotting and Stalking seminars. In 2014 I have seminars at the Dallas Safari Club Convention & Expo, Safari Club International Convention in Vegas and probably 10 more. I always start out by stating that if you can't see it, you can't shoot it. Buy the best optics that you can afford. Don't leave any change in your pocket. I've had good luck with Leupold and Bushnell optics. They both have options ranging from the economical level on up to top of the line.

  • Decoys. I live in Idaho so I have to be able to carry my decoys or I can't use them. Montana Decoys fits the bill for me. I think that I own every decoy they make.

  • Scents. The increase in the popularity in bowhunting created a market for better lures and cover scents. I've been testing a lot of Tink's products this year. Check them out for your big game hunting needs.

  • Knives. I've tested hundreds of knives for multiple knife companies, published over 50 knife-related articles, have a knife sharpening article with Amazon Kindle, done knife sharpening seminars from Alaska to Texas, etc. I do a lot with knives. Here are the three brands that I carry when I'm hunting/fishing on my own time: Havalon Knives, Knives of Alaska and Puma Knives.

  • Sharpening Stones. I teach a lot of knife sharpening seminars. At the DSC and SCI conventions I'll also have knife sharpening seminars. I use Smith Consumer Products Inc. gear. To learn how to sharpen your knife check out the e-article on Amazon Kindle titled "Knife Sharpening".

  • Broadheads/Arrows. For broadheads, check out the Muzzy MX-4 Fixed Blade Broadheads. Extend your bowhunting season and pick up bowfishing. I like the Muzzy stingray fishing arrow.

  • Bow Case. If they doesn't have a bow case, the Plano Parallel Bow Case is a sweet one.

  • Camouflauge. My camo manufacturing buddies are going to kill me, but I mismatch my camo. I don't wear all the same pattern. I like to break it up.

  • Jackets. I live in Idaho and we have bad country and bad weather. I refuse to buy a coat if it doesn't have a hood. I don't want rain/snow blowing down my neck. Not only is it uncomfortable, it can be life threatening.

  • Boots. In flat country a lot of boots will suffice. In the mountains, you need a boot that is lightweight with good traction. Falling and stumbling on narrow mountain trails....well, let's just say that you'd better be ready to meet your Maker. I like lightweight canvas hiking boots until the snow flies and then I go to my Irish Setter Black Bear boots.

  • First-aid Kits. They offer a ton of options. I wouldn't go in the backcountry without one of their footcare kits in my pack.

  • Firestarter Gear. I always keep at least 2-3 in my pack.

  • Blackpowder Ammo. PowerBelt makes the best bullets on the market.

  • Calls. I don't think that you can have too many calls. I like the Quaker Boy Hurricane box call for turkeys, their Hyper Herdmaster cow call and the Primos Terminator bugle.

  • Turkey Ammo. You have to get him some HEVI-Shot turkey loads. HEVI-Shot owns the market. Check an article on turkey loads

  • Airguns. Airguns are no longer just for kids! You wouldn't believe the airguns they make now. I just got a Winchester 1250 WS and I can't wait to test it this spring on ground squirrels. I just mounted a Leupold scope on it.

  • Gun Cases. Boyt and SKB make sweet cases for traveling, whether to the deer lease or flying.

  • Gun Cleaning Station. Forever I piled blankets on the kitchen table to prop up my guns to clean them or change scopes. It's a hundred times easier with a MTM Case-Gard gun cleaning station.

  • ThermaCELL Heated Insoles. Setting in a deer blind? Check out the ThermaCELL Heated Insoles. Also their Mosquito unit for spring bear hunting.

  • "Hunting Pass." This one may sound dumb but I'd love an "I'LL GO HUNTING WITH YOU PASS"! I love it when Katy goes outdoors with me. A pass from you kids would be awesome. Your daddy would love it and it wouldn't cost you a penny. That'd be the best gift in the world.


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Tom Claycomb

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In addition, Claycomb teaches 60 seminars annually at sports shows and various outdoor stores.  He is on Prostaff for numerous companies and has tested products for many major outdoor companies. He likes anything outdoor wise and fishes/hunts from Alaska to Florida. His works are available for purchase on Amazon Kindle.  He has killed numerous world record animals (6 years before they reached that status). 

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