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Fishing Tips 101 for Beginners by Bass Pro Shops

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May 15, 2014
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You don't have to be a pro to fish like one! 

A great place to begin learning the basics is the Bass Pro Shops Fishing Tips 101 guide for a beginner. This site features informative articles, how-to videos, and advice on gear and tackle.

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Experience Bass Pro's FISHING 101 guide to tackle and fishing tips.

Whether you're a beginner or a more experienced angler, having the right fishing gear makes all the difference. The Fishing 101 guide will show you what you need (and need to know) for a successful season.

Helpful Features on the Page

There are many helpful features on the page, and navigating is easy. First you'll notice two anglers carrying different rods, reels and tackle.  Each angler has different recommendations for fishing clothing and tackle. Be sure to select any of the ‘plus symbols’ next to each piece of gear for more information.

Find Fishing Tackle Suggestions

The tackle system and tackle box are of particular interest. Selecting the ‘expand’ symbol will open a vast array of fishing tackle suggestions. These suggestions are divided into four main fish species: panfish, bass, trout and catfish. Select the species you would like to target for specialized advice. You’ll also notice that guided shopping links are provided, which will allow you to directly purchase the fishing products that will meet your needs.

To complete the Fishing 101 tour, scroll down the page to find how-to videos by fishing professionals such as Kevin VanDam, and fishing articles written by fishing experts for Bass Pro 1Source.

Discover more news & tips for fishing and boating, read fishing expert blogs or watch fishing and boating videos at Bass Pro Shops 1Source.  Anglers, be sure to check out the quality fishing tackle assortment and boating gear at Bass Pro Shops.


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