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5 Must-Have Fishing Tools Every Angler Needs on the Water

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July 14, 2014
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Having the right tools when fishing is important. If you've ever tried to cut thin, 10-pound-test superline without speciality scissors or attempted to use short-handled pliers to free treble hooks from the yap of a toothy pike or muskie then you know exactly what I'm talking about. Here are five inexpensive, must-having fishing tools.


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Scissors, like the Bass Pro Shosp Braided Line Scissors, are great for cutting superline.

I carry two pair of scissors in my boat. One is exclusively for cutting superline. This keeps them sharp for slicing gossamer-thin line. Recently, I've been impressed with the quality of Bass Pro Shops' 4-inch Braided Line Scissors. They preform well and at $2.99 is tough to beat. I've also used Rapala's Super Line Scissors for years. They are an awesome product. The other pair of scissors in my boat gets used for other cutting duties, such as trimming a monofilament knot, opening factory-sealed soft-bait bags, and trimming flipping jigs.


These are an absolute must. A pair of long-nosed pliers are great for removing hooks from fish. Split ring pliers are also worth carrying to make quick work of replacing hooks on a lure.


A pair of cutters is another important tool to carry. I use cutters when heavier gauge materials become too strong or thick to cut with scissors. Use them for cutting wire as well as heavy fluorocarbon leaders.

Hook File

Honing a hook point is a common angling chore. Most of us see to it after freeing a snagged lure from rocks, but get in the habit of touching up hooks more regularly. A razor-sharp hook point is a big factor in a quality hook-set and successfully landing a fish. Invest in a quality hook file and it will last for years.

Jig Eye Cleaner

If you fish with jigs you need a jig eye cleaner for removing the paint from the eye of a jig. With the tool it's a fast, easy task. Without this item, one's next course of action is often using a hook point to pick out the paint, and this is a road that's best left untraveled.

Carry these five tools and you'll find regular angling tasks go so much smoother than without.


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