First Coyote Line of the Season

Took a whole week off last week to camp at my happy hunting grounds and run a couple coyote lines.

The first night there, Sunday was a week ago, after setting traps all day I came to camp well after dark. After getting unloaded and settling in, I needed some firewood. But when I stepped out to get it, the camper door just slammed shut and upset the local residents. Yipping and yowling and just creating a fuss in general, I stepped out of the camper, right off in the middle of a pack of coyotes! 4 or 5 not 10 yards off to my left, one to the right and behind me and one in the driveway between me and the road.

With no moon, it was darker than a witches wardrobe in winter and I couldn't see any of them. I wasn't sure what to do at that point. Unarmed and a few too many steps from the door, I stood there a minute trying to decide the best course of action. Should I just freeze and hope they don't notice? Should I shout and wave my arms? Should I rush them or should I just sing Jingle Bells?

I eased up to my truck which was parked facing out and turned on the headlights in hopes of at least seeing the one in the driveway. No such luck as the truck was parked at an angle to the drive. But the sudden invasion of light into the darkness drove them away and across the road. After everything calmed down, I took the rifle off the rack in the back window of the truck and took it inside the camper with me.

I figured out what they were doing as the week progressed. They were mocking me! I caught some but not as many as I should have.

Here's a coyote/coon double

Here's one less batch of puppies come spring.

Here's another empty pup den. This one the duck hunters put down for me before I got there. Steel duck shot gives me lots of little holes to sew up, but they thought they were helping.

The good Lord was really looking out for me. My groceries that I brought with me ran out the same day I caught the first coon.


And there is always the occasional fox on the coyote line. I normally catch more of them than I do coyotes.



I had one more little gray fox but I failed to get a picture of him. I wish they would stay out of my sets. I can't keep them anyway and for every trap holding a fox, that's one less coyote I can catch.

Starting a line local here next week and in a couple or three weeks I'll be going back down there to work on them some more! I'll keep y'all posted.

Well, deer season is done and I'll be starting the next coyote line tomorrow.

I've got another dozen MB 550's on the way and will be trapping better than 200 acres.

Wish me luck and I'll post y'all some pictures.

The next line is off to a good start.


Along with this guy, I've scored two beaver and a raccoon.

Looking for more tomorrow.