Coyotes Running...

Came home the other night around 9 pm and the Yotes were screaming like heck in a field behind my house I'm sure no further than 500 yards out. Guess it's time to get out the rifle and pick up a call or two and get busy. May even try at night time. Kentucky just opened a night time shotgun only season.

Any one have any experience with decent calls that won't break the bank?

I got a little El-cheapo hand held thing. I don't even know what name is on it but it works pretty good. I don't hunt them but do trap them. I use my call in my ADC business to help me locate them and estimate the size of the pack.

I bought mine for 50 some dollars. It's really not what I would want if I was hunting them. For hunting, I'd want one that I could set up away from me and work by remote control.