All fish species will bite very small lures

All fish species will bite very small lures, especially plastic lures rigged on small jig heads.
1/32 - 1/8 oz ball head jigs (unpainted)
line : 8 lb test braid with 1' of 4# or 6# test mono or fluorocarbon leader
light action 6' rod (but not to wimpy)
spinning or spincast (closed face) reel - medium size, never micro with it's small diameter spool.
one of 1000 small plastic lure designs (I rarely use curl tail grubs)

Cast lure as far as you can and slowly retrieve it with pauses and a few rod tip twitches. Let it go down to mid depth at first, but if fish are active near the surface, let it drop a foot or so and then retrieve.
Every time I've gone out in the last few weeks, I've caught over 100 fish/ day - 5 different species to include bass, crappie, y. perch, sunfish, roach. Last year I caught 3-7lb catfish on them. But always remember to set the drag lighter than you would for heavier gear and fish so they can be played. Yesterday the bass I caught that weighed close to 2 lbs, gave me a run for my money having me believe the fish was much larger. Large pan fish will give as good a fight and you'd swear they were bass.

Light tackle isn't just for kids. My heavy lures sit collecting dust because I'm addicted to catching fish - any fish - and when it comes to light lures, they fit in all mouths.